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If you're a beer and wine retailer... know what a hassle special orders can be - and how much business they could translate to if there were a more efficient way to handle them. When a customer walks into your store looking for a specific product, it's almost not worth the trouble. You've got to figure out who the distributor is (if the product is even available in your location), find out if the warehouse has any in stock, pay for it, and hope that the customer comes in to pick it up when you call them.

BevQuery's approach is to shorten the distance between consumers and the products they're looking for by providing a seamless way for retailers to look up which distributor represents particular brands/producers. BevQuery delivers instant information.

Behind the scenes, BevQuery matches the retailer's location and brand/producer to a local distributor and sends the query to the appropriate person. Queries arrive on smart phones instantly via push notification with a unique sound so that distributor reps know that there's a sale on the line.

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