If you're a beer and/or wine distributor...

...you know that a lot of your high margin business is shifting to online merchants. Why? Because when consumers are looking for the products they want (and that critics are recommending), retailers' inventories aren't what they used to be - and the special order process is too time consuming and cumbersome.

BevQuery Can Help

BevQuery's approach to shortening the distance between consumers and the products they want is to provide retailers with an easy way to look up brand/producer representation. BevQuery delivers instant information as to whether the product is even carried by any local distributors. If it is, retailers can enter additional information about the product (vintage, variety, vineyard, etc.) and submit their query.

Behind the scenes, BevQuery matches the retailer's location and brand/producer to a local distributor and sends the query to the appropriate person. Queries arrive on smart phones instantly via push notification with a unique sound so that distributor reps know that there's a sale on the line.

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